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We are Fearless, We are Playful, We are Here

The STAR Project (est. 1999) is an award-winning community organisation that delivers long lasting positive social outcomes, building safer, more connected and resilient communities in Renfrewshire.

Our work focuses on tackling the impacts of poverty, deprivation and associated stigma prevalent in our communities through a systemic approach to building resilience. In the heart of the multiply deprived area, where individuals and families face well documented challenges, we facilitate opportunity and aspiration, boost life chances, engender community ownership and celebrate every success.

Our unique wraparound way of working allows us to see the person, not a label, not a statistic, which ultimately makes people feel safe and accepted and ready to take a step towards realising their potential. No other service in Renfrewshire, that we are aware of, supports community members in such a comprehensive and effective way.

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Henry Smith
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We supported 8,616 unique individuals through 23,932 engagements in 2023


14,268 engagements with opportunities supporting emotional health and daily living needs, recognising we all have a right to thrive


3,792 engagements with creative, cultural and playful opportunities, improving capacity through exploration, learning, and expression of self and community


5,872 engagements with opportunities recognising the loss or lack of social and personal connections, reducing isolation and improving peer support, networks and sense of community


54 Volunteers gifted us 5,789 hours or 827 working days of their time

Dignified food and essentials

11,761 engagements supported 5,857 people with food, equipment/products, vouchers, and cash payments

87 Tea Bags (via Pantry Plus) were paid forward, providing 618 nutritious meals

Neu Narrative

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The writer and director Alfred Hitchcock was quoted as saying… “Puns are the highest form of literature”. As such, you can never underestimate the power of a pun to engage your audience.

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Get Yer Glow On

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Holding those in power accountable through community action

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Inspiring Resilience

Since forming STAR Project back in 1999, tackling food insecurity in a dignified way has always been of utmost importance to us.

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A Community Based Therapeutic Arts Intervention

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The Cost of Surviving

Star Project weekly workshops around the Cost of Living Crisis

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Kicked Towards Success

By Michael McCready (CFP Assistant)

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Remembering the Dark in the Bright Days

By Linzi Clark

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Here's to Love, Laughter and A Happily Ever After!

By Sam Roberts, Training & Development Coordinator

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Fast Food

In March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully rolled out our newly adapted digital programme and launched our Renfrewshire-wide emergency response.

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Invisible Threads

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties”

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Happy Birthday to us!

20 Years of STAR! 1999 -2019

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Postcode Local Trust Boost!

STAR Project receives £12,000 boost from Postcode Local Trust

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We Are The Walrus 2018

Our Grand Fountain Film project

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